Diner: Moules Frites

Had a wonderful day today with the kids. Stopped by to buy some mussels and was going to make Moules Frites for diner. Love when I have all the kids together under one roof. A simple pleasure…yet one that I am grateful for all the time!

We had a fabulous time! Felt like home.

Shoot in Downtown Durham

On a cold night of February, I went to shoot Downtown Durham. 

I have been so busy  lately, it was nice to have time to go and shoot. It was a last minute decision on Tuesday night, I called my photographer friend Jim , we have talked about going to shoot together for couple of years now and never had time. We took an hour and half with our cameras walking in downtown.

Here are the photos:

A walk at my favorite lake

I took long walks during this entire insanity snow weather. I went to my favorite place, my refuge…went to the lake.

Took photos and enjoyed the silence.


Snow days, school out, kids at play

Snow days, school canceled meant we were outside having a blast, sledding , making snowman. So many kids ended up at the house. We baked, we drank hot cocoa and we were cold, and wet and we had such a wonderful time!

Far away from home

How do you celebrate someone’s life after you get the phone call that one of the most important person of your childhood have passed away?

How do you handle incredible people in your country telling you: “I gave her big kisses for you, we were all there for her, even you”

How do you get over this sensation of loss? This feeling that everything is changing around you? The feeling that no matter how right you act, the feeling that no matter  how kind you are, the feeling that no matter how  driven you are by doing the right things, well sometimes bad things happened, and sometimes life just happens.

How do you get over the fact that life is not fair?

How do you get over the fact that you are so far aways from family and home when a major life event happens?

How do you get over the fact that you are not with your loves one in your homeland when a death occur?

How do you get over the simple selfish fact that they are all together leaning on each other, and you are not there with them?

Who do you choose to call , when you have no family around, to go cry on their shoulder? Who do you not care to see you with red puffy eyes, nose running, sobbing and not be able to talk? Who will be there for you? Who will will just listen to you crying, blowing your nose and staying there in silence?

Today February 16, I lost my beautiful, kind, incredibly humble, funny, incredibly funny, hard working, loving Mémé Gallon.

I am just simply lost today.

Did I told her I loved her the last time I left? Or was just the strong one, as usual going ” come on you know we will see each other next summer…”

Let me introduce you to my beautiful grandmother….Josephine Gallon.

Going Places

As I am listening to the most beautiful inspirational speech that my son is giving , as I am writing, I see his future.

I know he will make a difference to some people. Wow! 16 years old …Where will you be in 10 years? I can’t wait to see how far you will get!

People will be inspired by you Jason, Sports and Marketing be ready for him! He surely is ready for you!


L’innocence d’un enfant

There is a certain beauty to see a child being a child.

Chloe was outside today and she closed her eyes and was feeling the snow coming down on her face. I had the camera on hand, and looked at her for a long moment to enjoy the no worry, no care of my child. Then of course I had to capture this moment, I wanted to feel inside my heart for a long time..

It was beautiful, innocent. Catching the snow in her mouth, her eyes closes, the flakes on her eyelashes….I stood there, watching her, and wondering if as an adult we can ever experience this peace…

Here is my beautiful Chloe.

Lara’s first cooking lesson

Lara has many friends that have been cooking making their own stuff in the kitchen. She had ask to cook before.

Photos are just simple Iphone photos as I was more concentrating on her than on photography for this event. This was all about her, and not about anything else.

She today had her first cooking lesson and she chose to make banana bread. We had music going: Cloud 9, Miley Cyrus, Frozen soundtrack….it was the Chef’s choice of music!

She made the banana bread from scratch, took notes, and was the most incredible student.

She cut herself for the first time with the knife, she learned how to use the kitchen aid and she got to licked the bowl…and she learned how to clean up afterwards!

This was I assure you the best banana bread I ever ate! She was so proud of herself, she learned the cup, teaspoons, and how to properly butter the bottom of the pan.

It was just her and I in the kitchen, we had a blast!



This Christmas party has become a tradition

Every year for Christmas Yemi and her parents through this fabulous party.

My parents come from overseas and plan their trip to be able to make this party.

We sing Carols. We get to be serenaded at the piano by Yemi, serenaded by Yemi’s daughter at the harp. This year Jack brought his trumpet and my gosh what a treat !It was so wonderful.

We re-did the 12 days of Christmas…we were all entertained that is for sure.

Great friends, laughter, families in town, kids, food and most of all love.


My Parents

For the both of them it is their second marriage. They have been married for 32 years ( I think). Being on vacation with them was a good example of what a healthy marriage/relationship should be.

Every morning my dad over the 10 days of vacations would wake up, and say good morning to both my mom and I. At breakfast he would get up, get his coffee, set it on the table and go kiss my mom with a ” Bonjour ma cherie” .

During visiting Athenes, Santorini, he would take my mom’s hand, or put his arms around her shoulders. Not by obligations, but in such a natural way. Every night he would get up from the bed in the hotel, and go get a piece of dark chocolate for himself and ask ” Tu veux une tisane ma cherie?” and he would make her a tea.

He was taking so many photos of her , and on the same time of me. He told me : this is normal Katia, this is how it should be.

They both joke so much, laugh all times, don’t take themselves seriously.

And then the night before we left Athenes we were talking about many things as we are inside a restaurant and my dad gave this speech that actually made me and my mom cry.

He gave his declaration of love right there, and why he loved my mom, and what love was suppose to be, or not to be. It was the most beautiful thing he ever said, and if you knew my dad you would know he is not the kind of kind to say this kind of things very easily.  I can count on my hand the times I heard him say I love you.

That was the most beautiful speech I had ever heard. Wish I had record it. At then end ,both my mom and I in tears crying in this restaurant, my mom said…I never knew you felt that way, still , after all these years.

Anyway here are the photos I took of them together.

They have show me what is love, and are a perfect example of why it last. They both give to each other. There is not just one that inspire the other…they both inspire each other. They both challenge each other still. They both lift each other up. It is both way, it goes both ways. They both have been very sucessful and still together because they always had each others back and pushed each other further. That is why they respect each other.  They are truly an example!


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