Jason first golf tournament at NC State

Jason got in at the last minute on this tournament last weekend. He was on the waiting list and then 3 days before, we were told he had got in!

It was a 2 days tournament on the Nc State golf course.

I could of not be happier to see him there. He was with kids that have been golfing for over 10 years. He also was with kids that have played on that course 5 days a week.

It is a very hard course, it was very windy the second day, but he never gave up.

We are happy that he stayed in the game and did much better the second day than the first day.

The girls, Millie, Patrick and I were there to cheer, to keep him motivated, and to support him.

The first day we walked the whole 18 holes under the blasting sun, the second day we were lucky to have Patrick get us golf cart.

Can’t wait to see how well he does in the Charlotte tournament next month…

Here are couple of photos from both days.

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Concert back porch music

Last night we packed sandwiches and took all the kids to the last concert at the American Tobacco District. We were afraid the weather was going to be really bad , but somehow we escaped the rain!

Nice dinner picnic, homework on the lawn, Jason with us…it was a wonderful summer school night, and we managed to have the girls in bed by 8h45pm!

I love nights like that. Here are the couple of iPhone photos we did.


Lara’s first meet of cross country season

I am so proud. For many reasons, Lara always had a special place in my heart.

Chloe and I drove over one hour from Durham to go cheer her for her first  cross country meet.

Last thursday afternoon as I watched  and cheered these long beautiful legs going and going under the heat, I found myself choking…tears came flowing down.

I remembered clearly the occupational therapist, the physical therapist, the speech therapist….

It was one of these moments, that you want to recall. She inspired me today. She run the entire time, she paced herself, she arrived, she did not gave up!

This is my beautiful daughter, and a gorgeous one!




Brunch with a great friend

We were at a wedding on saturday but we still managed to host Romney on Saturday night.

Sunday morning was a early morning for all of us and we had a brunch with couple of dancers that he used to dance with when he lived in the triangle.

Fun Sunday!

A day at the beach, last weekend.

Last weekend, we left after we pick up the kids from school on Friday, and headed to the Beach in Wilmington 2 weekend ago. We had such a wonderful time. Jason and Millie came. It was wonderful to be all of us together.

We had a picnic on the beach, went to swim, watch the sunset and suddenly we had to run through the storm….we laugh so hard!

Then we try to go buy ice cream, but there was no power in the stores….we did not mind and drove many miles until we found a grocery store finally open. We went back to our place, got ice-cream in cups and went to walk outside at night.  Next day we ended up at the beach, playing football and playing with the kids in the waves. What a fun weekend it was to mark  the start of school, and the end of the summer.



We were so honored to have been invited to Cliff and Jill’s wedding. What a beautiful couple in and out. It was beautiful to see Pam marring them.

We had a blast! As I am editing photos of the bride and groom that I will post on the professional blog, here are photos that were taken by Tania my good friend. These group of woman is incredible!


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