Parents in town

My parents are arriving tomorrow and I can’t wait to see them. They flew my girls to France last summer, I could not go as I stayed behind to take a summer load of classes to be able to graduate the December. It has been over a year since I saw them.

They will be here for the gallery exhibit at Through this Lens this thursday night and of course they will come to graduation.

We have so much planned while they are here. We have little small trips that we had planned month ago on days when the girls are with their father. We can’t wait for them to arrive!

There is nothing like the holidays with your family!

I am grateful.

Gift certificate for workshops or prints

Gift certificates are available for a specific amount of money or for an actual workshop.

Call me or order online at

Happy holidays from Katia S. Photography!


Intersection of Visions Exhibit at “Through this Lens” Gallery in Durham


Gift certificates now available on the website

Perfect timing for the holidays! Want to give the gift of photography? Don’t know what they would like?

Here is the perfect stocking stuffer for them to buy the print of their choice , or a workshop.

Photography camp for teens

Do you want your teen to spend the week of school break having fun and learning in a small environment?

We have the answer. Only 5 spot open for each session.

Shooting in the morning. Editing and critic in the afternoon.


We will share our unique vision with your teen for the week.

We will shoot in the morning and edit and critique in the afternoon.

This class and workshop is limited to 5 teens per week.

Make sure you bring your energy and positive spirit, your DSRL and your computer.

This is learning and educational artistic camp .

Monsieur Roberto Restucha

Sad news this morning when I got the phone call that our friend Roberto had past away…

I thought I would reblog this in his memory!


When you see him, he always has a smile on his face, he is always happy. You look at him and you see the gentleman.

You see the old fashion Argentinian! The tanguero….

He looks at his wife with eyes of admiration, of love, of happiness.

In a photoshoot you can get to see  the real personality of someone. He is real, as real as it gets.

This is him: funny, wise, in love with his wife. We had so much fun, that I invited his wife Amalia to join us at the end of the shoot.

Wow! One would be lucky to have what those two have.

Complete admiration for each other, love through the years and happiness!

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