We were so honored to have been invited to Cliff and Jill’s wedding. What a beautiful couple in and out. It was beautiful to see Pam marring them.

We had a blast! As I am editing photos of the bride and groom that I will post on the professional blog, here are photos that were taken by Tania my good friend. These group of woman is incredible!


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Re-branding, renaming, and closing the book.

As graduation approach, and the last page of the book has closed,  I had to make many decisions.

This  Blog will stay but it will be my fun blog, where you can keep up with me as Katia. My life, my kids, and my thoughts.

I will post links still here of my professional work.

However the photography work will be on a different blog….

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New Hampshire and Cape Cod Vacation

I just spent the past week between New Hampshire, and Cape Cod in Massachusetts. So many photos to edit! I barely have started. It was an amazing vacation full of historical events. It was my first time in Cape Cod, what a beautiful place it was! It was also my first time in the state of New Hampshire. We went to the top of Mount Washington. There are so many of  ski resorts, lakes….It was a magical week! Picnic either on top of mountains in NH, or in the salt march of Cape Cod. Sunsets on the Cape were amazing! It was wonderful to travel and have no time for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It was all improvised on the day, the site, and what we were doing. I can’t believe how much we have seen and done in a week. Here are just the iPhone low quality photos we took at the Attitash Alpine Slide. That was so much fun going down the slopes! Can’t wait to go back this winter to ski  hopefully with the kids and to see family in Vermont that I did not have the chance to see this time around.


Beach trip

I did not take my camera this time. All photos were just with the iphone.

I had a wonderful weekend at the beach this weekend at my friends Doris and Jack.

We went boating, had a house milonga, a workshop, went to have a donut at the famous place Britt’s in Carolina Beach, walked on the boardwalk, collected shells on the island, ate the famous crabs for diner (and breakfast) and went Kayaking.

Jack took his trumpet and Doris her ukulele, and my girls attended, through Skype ,from France, the mini concert the both of them did for us . They sat next to me on the coach and enjoyed the music.

Another fun weekend!


Morning Golf

Since I knew that the kids would be in France the month of July with my parents, I wanted to do fun stuff even more with them before they left.  We took the kids to go to the driving range at Hiilandale golf range. Everybody had so much fun!

The girls were really engaged and had Jason as a teacher. They did so well!June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0074 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0085 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0081 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0071 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0072 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0060 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0061 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0046 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0024 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0026 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0023 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0010

Arrange mariages Documentary

I have decide to take on a documentary on arrange marriages.

But what is an arrange marriage really?

An arranged marriage is not always a forced marriage.

The actual history of arranged marriage has been a part of the Indian culture for ages. A long time ago, the actual bride and the groom were not ask for their approval, and most times they were not informed about who their partner was.  Nowadays they are supposed to be asked for their consent. Usually they are chosen with cultural practices like being chosen on horoscopes matching, background of their families and the amount of money they have.

Even in the 21 st Century, in some cultures, woman still do not have the choice or the freedom to voice their opinion on which they marry. This is an event that still occurs in 2014 and in many countries. (Cultural India)

This situation can be very scary for the woman because sometimes it does not work out that they get along with the new husband and his family. They can get beaten and out of pride or shame they will not get out of the situation.

The purpose of this project is to bring to awareness to the traditional processes that come with this cultural lifestyle and to show that sometimes it can work, sometimes it does not.

This practice is still very much a part of the Indian culture in the United States.

The research method I choose is known as visual ethnography.

The research project method used for this project will be visual ethnography. It is a part of quantitative research.

Let me explain…..

Visual Ethnography does use photograph, or video to be able to capture the people emotions, and what is really happening visually. It is a way of documenting and explaining what is happening with images, or video media instead of words.

According to Bruce Berg“It is important, however, to emphasize that visual ethnography is not purely visual. Rather, the visual ethnographer simply pays particular attention to the visual aspects of culture as part of his or her ethnographic efforts. Until recently, mainstream social scientists have been steadfast in their belief that the written word is a superior form for representing most types of data. Qualitative researchers use narrative accounts, interviews, fieldnotes, and the like, all of which are textually based.” (Berg)


The interesting part about making a start to this documentary, was that I am trying to get a grant for it. It was interesting as a foreign person to go through the writing of the grant, all the steps to consider.

It also gave the great pleasure to meet an incredible Indian family. I was privilege to spend quality time with them and be a part of their life. As I love a lot of cultures, it was very interesting to me to explore one that I did not know much about.


Video Documentary on Argentine Tango

I specialize in documentary photography and lately have been wanted to add film and video under my belt to be able to cater to any job opportunity that can be giving to me in journalism/documentary.

I feel like a photojournalist or photo documentarist has to know how to do both these days, to be able to stay competitive.

Thanks to the support of my wonderful friend, teacher  and mentor in photography Meg Daniel. She really push me to learn it, and kept telling me that I will love it and embrace it if I give it a chance. She was right as usual.

Thanks to the wonderful teaching of Brandon Johnson, Kelly Smith Campbell and Andrew Ross, I am able to produce my first piece that I am very proud of.


It has been a challenge to edit as I am a perfectionist. This is my 4th video, but the first one that I am proud of.

Video Documentary on Argentine Tango


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