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May_2015_Outside_La_0005 copy

La Rochelle

So hard to start editing after a long trip. I never know where to start….I remember taking this photo and wanted to see how it had come out.

It was a private propriety on the ocean. It leads to a cabin for fishermen. Very interesting door, very conceptual of Heaven door, or Hell door. Happy how the photo came out. This photo is not photoshop as usual


At the Gate

We are at the gate in Dulles Airport after a quick stop to leave Patrick’s car with his brother in Springfield.

As Patrick is still working, I am enjoying the fact that  I have internet through what I call his ” magic box”

Ha, the perk of dating a business man:-)

So here i am, sitting at Gate :A32 and I can’t help to think this is my first time traveling to France without my children. It has been also 2 years since I have been to France. Every year for many years my parents had sent a ticket for the kids. Last year they still were able to send the 2 girls a ticket for them to go to France for a month visit them. I was not able to afford my trip then.

This year as my grandma is not doing too well and was in the hospital last month, my parents offered us the trip. They have seen us working so hard! They helped so much with our outdoor kitchen it is incredible! We are so grateful for them.

We are flying to London as it is cheaper for us to fly to London, take a hotel room and fly the next day to Paris. My parents also got the tickets to the TGV for us to go directly home as we land to Paris on Sunday evening late.

I look forward to this trip to see my family , my friends and to use and maximize the time I have.

We took the flights in purpose after all performance, concert of the girls, and coming back before graduation. We also planned to leave on a weekend we do not have the kids, that way we minimize the days they do not see us.

I surely will miss them!

I think  the dynamic of the trip will be different without children.

My dad has already planned a short trip to the Medoc region, passing by the town of Cognac.

I am so grateful that I have such an incredible responsible son that is so focus and have only one thing in mind: Business school! I could not be so proud, he is taking jobs, applying to more jobs, to maximize the summer money he can make. Wow! 3 days after I come back he graduates!

I am also so grateful for Cecil and Iryna for keeping the girls the couple of days we were going to have them! Where would we be without those 2!


May_2015_Chloe_concert_0071 copy

Chloe’s end of school concert

Patrick, Jason, Millie, Lara, Iryna, Maya and myself attended Chloe’s end of school concert.

She was so happy to have all of us there. I had done her hair right before.

She did well, had fun and enjoyed singing and dancing for us! She performed “True Colors” and “Footloose”

She was beautiful and so wonderful! We were so proud to see her performed!


Math Tutor

My middle daughter really struggles in Math. About 2 months ago I decided to hire a Math tutor for her to help her to succeed. It makes a big difference.

Every wednesday I drive her all the way from Kestrel Heights to this cool coffee shop call Johnny Gone Fishing in Carrboro where she meet with Cliff Chaffin for either an hour or an hour and half.  It is usually not worth it at this time of the day to come back home, so Chloe and  just hang out there. It makes Wednesdays a bit hectic for us, but Lara gets out so much out of it.

Cliff is an excellent tutor, check his website out:


Itinerary in London

We have a full 24 hours in London, so we will leave the hotel early morning and walk the streets of London. The last time I was there I was 14 years old.

We will leave our very modest hotel to head to Westminster Abbey, then to Big Ben, then Piccadilly Circus, Royal Opera House, St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace.

It will take the all day for sure to do that, google map says 2 hours, but taking photos, enjoying the scenery, and the history will take us all day.

We are looking forward to do it all! If we can be lucky assisting to a church service in Saint Paul would be a delight, and of course trying to plan to see the “releve de la guarde”

I will try to keep blogging while away, posting iPhone photos, as I know my middle daughter read my blog these days.

It will be a short 24 hours lay over, stay tuned for our journey!

More photos on Stock company

Happy to have more photos accepted.


It is good timing as I am trying to finish all the editing and trying to submit all photos before I leave out of the country.

I am leaving to go see my family and more specifically my grandmother. She has been in the hospital….

Flights at the last minutes are so expensive, so we are taking a detour through London.

We are flying through London, staying there a full day and then flying to Paris. When we arrive in Paris we will take the TGV to go directly to Vannes where my parents will pick us up.

I had a small window of time, as I wanted to attend all my kids performance, end of school dance, and concert. I also have to be back for my son graduation. It will be a short trip, but very needed one.

Of course there are so many photos I have in mind to take while I am there. It will just be good to be home! I have not been there in over 2 years…