Entry to Cary Photographic Annual Exhibition

This morning has been a busy morning already. I have send my registration for the Cary Photographic Artists Annual Exhibition.

The Exhibition will go from November 10, 2011 until December 16, 2011. Whether I get in the exhibit or not I think this is a very interesting exhibit. You should go and check it out.

I submitted 3 photos. The first one , I took on Deer Isle in Maine this summer .I labeled it “Another man’s treasure” .

The second one was also on Deer Isle in Maine this summer. This was the view we had from the house my Father-in-law rented . The title of this photo is “Quietly waiting for the tide” .

The third photo was taking in France this summer, not very far from where I am from. I took my kids to see the Megalhiltes of Carnac in Bretagne and I saw this “creperie” It was interesting to shoot , and I loved the overcast day when I did. I labeled  it “Le Pressoir”


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