Brigitta Winkler

We had the pleasure to have Brigitta Winkler this week-end in Durham. Jason Laughlin of tangophilia brings her to the area once a year. Brigitta is a beautiful and well-known tango teacher, and dancer from Berlin.

However when you are around Brigitta she is….way more.

Brigitta will acknowledge you anywhere she will see you whether it is in a coffee shop, or at a very popular tango festival. She is one of this people who I love. Yes of course I love her as a dancer, but more I love her as a person. She is humble, kind, and a positive teacher.

When you meet  teachers like Brigitta Winkler, Alicia Pons, Tomas Howlin, Korey and Adeline Ireland, Rosa Corisco, Rachel Greenberg and Fabias Salas to name a few, you know they are from a different league.

Not  just in their dancing, but also in their respect for others people whoever they are….And that is what I call a teacher.

Enjoy these photos I took during the workshop and the performance of Brigitta and Jason.


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1 Comment

  1. It was such a great weekend, your photos are wonderful!!!!
    Thank you John for the incredible nibbles!!!

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