Les Marais Salants de Saint-Armel

A little bit nostalgic this afternoon for home. I think the weather is reminding me of Bretagne.

While I was there this summer with my children we focused on history. We did so many historical visits. I took my kids to some very interesting journeys like  how French people make” Fleur de Sel”.

My house is around the corner from the Marais Salants. We went to the protected reserved for birds who also at the same site.

My kids loved it. We harvested our own “Gros Sel” and we brought it back to the US.

Un peu nostalgique cet apres-midi…ma Bretagne me manque! Je crois que c’est le temps pluvieux de ce matin.

Cet ete lors de mes vacances avec les enfants, nous avons parcouru l’histoire. Nous avons visite des sites historiques.

Nous sommes alles voir les marais salants de Saint Armel, qui est un site protege.

Mes enfants ont adores. Nous avons ramasse notre Gros sel et nous l’avons ramene au Etats-Unis

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