Cafe Tortoni

I was lucky enough to go to Cafe Tortoni in Buenos Aires. Not your typical coffee house I would say. It was named Tortoni  because it was by a French immigrant that it was founded .Monsieur Touan around the end of 1858  took the name from local cafe on the Boulevard des Italiens in Paris.

I know so many people who still think this is too touristic. You know every time I am in this beautiful city of Buenos Aires, in the “Paris of the South”, I go sit down and have a cefe cortado and a media luna.

Yes it is touristic. However sitting at that table where you know that so may tango writers, tango dancers, tango orchestra have also been is a feeling that I can explain. You go, sit down and enjoy.

I hope you get to go to visit one day!

Enjoy this High-Key photo I did for an assignment in my lighting class

J’ais eu la chance d’aller au Cafe Tortoni a Buenos Aires. Un cafe qui as ete nomme comme cela par un immigrant Francais qui a pris le nom d’un cafe local sur le boulevard des Italiens a Paris.

C’est un endroit touristique certe. Dans cette ville appellee le “Paris du Sud”, je vais m’y assoir a chaque occasion. J’y prend “une demi-lune” sorte de croissant sucre et un cafe cortado.

Peut etre aurez-vous l’occasion d’y aller un jour.

Ci-dessus une photo High-Key que j’avais a faire dans une de mes classe.


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