The Patterson Mill house

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The Patterson Mill house and museum is where we buy our Christmas tree every year for the past fourteen years.

The Patterson Mill opened in 1973 as a general store for the Durham community. It is now a antique store, full of memorabilia and artifacts. They have being recognized nationally for their pharmaceutical collection.

For Halloween they sell pumpkins, and for Christmas they have the same company that comes from Boone selling christmas trees.

The kids run around and have fun and look for “squirrel who will jump out of the tree when the tree is shaken”.

The Patterson Mill is a icon of Durham! Why would I go to a national chain store when I can support my community and be a part of something great?

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La maison Patterson et musee est l’endroit ou nous achetons notre sapin de Noel depuis 14 ans.

La maison Patterson a ouvert 1973 comme petit magasin pour la communite de Durham. C’est maintenant un magasin d’antiquite, et plein de memoires. La maison a ete reconnu au niveau national pour leur collection pharmaceutique.

Pour Halloween, ils ont les citrouilles, and for Noel ils ont la meme compagnie qui vient de Boone en montagne vendre les sapins de Noel.


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