Final Project in Lighting

For this final assignment, we had to replicate  a tear sheet we were passionate about. I am passionate about documentary and photojournalist work. And Annie Leibovitz.  It makes it harder to replicate.

I love Annie Leibovitz work, but her work and her shoot is very extensive, and expensive. So I choose a photo that could of been some of her work. The photo had to be published and this one is from GQ magazine of January Jones by Terry Richardson.

We did this shoot a front of my house. I found this perfect model, Jennifer. She looked exactly like the photo. She was a great sport as it was freezing outside that night.  She played the part and was absolutely beautiful. I wanted more light, bigger and stronger lights.

Here is my version:

Pour mon project final, il fallait refaire une photo aussi pres que possible de l’original. Je suis passionner de photo documentaire mais aussi de Annie Liebovitz. Cela fait que ce qui me passionne est dur a refaire.

Annie Liebovitz est tres connu, et ce quel fait avec les photos shoots est tres extensive, et tres cher. J’ais choisi une photo qui etais pres de son art. Cette photo a ete publie par le magazine GQ et photographier par Terry Richardson.

Ce shoot est en face de chez moi. Mon model etait extraordinaire, il faisait tres froid ce soir la.



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