Krispy Kreme Donuts

Since my parents come every year to the US, my mum buys a box of donuts. The kids and I love it. It is this tradition we have.

Well when John and I and the kids saw a Krispi creme boutique in Chapel hill we had decided that this time we would take my parents there when they came to visit.

Last night, we decided to take my parents there…we had a blast watching how donuts are made and my parents loved it. Such a very American fun experience.

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Depuis que mes parents viennent aux States, ma maman achete une boite de donuts. Les enfants adorent cette petite tradition que nous avons.

Nous sommes alles un jour avec John et les enfants dans une boutique qui venait d’ouvrir ou ils font les donuts. Nous sommes alles hier soir avec mes parents. Quelle experience! On a bien rigole et on a bien mange.


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