Cyclocross at Orange County Speedway

Last Sunday I went to see and shoot  a cyclo race. I had a blast. The weather was rainy, and cold. It made it for even better photos as the mud was flying everywhere behind the wheel of the cyclists.

One of my son’s friend is 15 years, Byron Rice and was racing. I have seen this little boy grow into a man and as a photographer I wanted to go and shoot an event where he was racing.

The energy at the event was great and very high.

It was an event of fun, socializing,  hard work, and competition.

Byron is the product of professionalism, dedication, specific interest and youthful exuberance.

He is humble, polite yet a second place for him is never good enough. In one second he is a awkward teenager learning the rope of life and the next second on a cycling course, he is so into his element. In the race he is really is the newest machine competing with established  professionals.

I felt privilege , and pride to know this kid. Remember his name…in couple of years I assure you he will be on the cover of a magazine!

I hope the photo will do him justice !

I know cyclocross is different than regular cycling, but it reminding me of the days where I would go watch my dad racing, our good times when the Tour de France was in town, the running to go get a photo of the maillot jaune….It brought so many great memories and made me want to go shoot another cyclocross or bicycle event soon!

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  1. These photos do a great justice, indeed. I don’t think people will understand how many laps you did yourself just to get these pictures.

    Byron looks great and you really captured the moments, especially in their eyes.

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