Self Portrait

The good part of being a photographer is that I get to hide behind the camera, and I love it. I get to watch people’s lives and catch a glimpse of their character and try to portray it in a photo. I love my job!

Getting to know myself, my weakness and my strength is always a challenge of mine. Pushing further, higher, and always better, For this purpose, tonight I analyse myself, and  challenged myself to share with you a trait of my character that none of you really get to see.

You see  very often the confident, educated, the world traveler, the mother of 3, the wife, the tango teacher, the tango dancer, the tango performer, the Dj, the cook, the hard-working, the organized, the great friend, the one who lift you up, the hairdresser, the photographer.

You rarely get the chance to see the shy side of me. The uncomfortable woman in front of the camera.

Here is my raw complicated self, me in the pure element and nothing in between me and the lens…One of the most challenging thing I ever had to do.

J’adore etre une photographe, je peux me cacher derriere mon appareil, et j’adore. Je peux regarder la vie des gens dans cette boite magique.

POur pouvoir etre un artist hors pair il faut savoir reconnaitre non seulement mes qualites mais aussi mes defaults. J’aime le challenge de pousser plus haut, toujours acceder au meilleur. C’est pour cela que ce soir, j’ais mis ce but de partager avec vous un trait de mon charactere que vous ne connaissez pas, que peu de vous ont l’occasion de voir.

Vous voyez en moi, la femme eduquee, partis a l’etranger, la maman, celle qui voyage le monde, la femme confidente, la prof de tango, la danseuse, la DJ, la cuisiniere, la super copine, la bosseuse, la coiffeuse, la photographe,l’artiste.

Mais tres rarement vous y voyez la timide.

Voici mon moi dans le plus pure element et rien entre moi et l’objectif. Un des plus grand challenge que j’ais accomplis!



  1. Wow! Amazing viewpoint of yourself. It must have taken yet another extra effort to not only make this, but put it out there.

    Beautiful in so many ways…

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