Times Square NYC

Taking a walk from the Empire State Building to Times Square at 1am is not at all what one could imagine, what I had experienced once. I have been there before but do not remember the magic. I remembered it was chaotic, almost too much.

This time it was quiet, not many people walking there, maybe because of the snow falling.

Just us, and the gigantic billboards. Wow! I felt so small. I did not even see the moon until someone pointed it out.The full moon was “just” one more  light in the sky, but the more essential one, the most natural.

And that night, it showed me that no matter how artificial, and materialistic things around us try to take over our lives, the moon and the right people next to me reminded me that this world can certainly be a better place if I choose to look at the right things.

The moon, and humility is what I focused on during that walk. The moon because it was so tiny and such an insignificant light next to the  billboards. Humility because I was surrounded by great people, who do great things and yet to them what they do is ordinary.

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