Muara Tebas Temple, Kutching, Malaysia.

About one hour’s drive from Kuching,in Malaysia, I had the pleasure to visit the ‘Green Mountain Temple’ .

Muara Tebas Temple has been patronized by both the local Buddhists and other communities of Sarawak. Officially located in Muara Tebas, the temple sits on the top of a hill. It was built 200 years ago. The travelers, gave thanks there after safely crossing the South China Sea. Muara Tebas has been a fishing and trading village for centuries. The temple was strategically constructed by the Chinese on top of a hill facing the sea to, perhaps, maximize on the ideal Fung Shui.

The host deity of the temple is Buddha Shakyamuni. Other deity includes the Sea Goddess Macho.

The shrine was renovated in 1903, and major renovations were made from 1994 until 2000.

Devotees sometimes hire boats to visit the lion rock on nearby  Pulau Lakei.

It was so beautiful and so calm up there.

Here are the photos for you to enjoy. You also can view more of my work or buy  those photos at

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