911 Memorial Museum and Gift shop in NYC

Cameron Knight wrote: “The other important aspect of telling stories is emotion. The photojournalist has to be an expert at reading and more importantly anticipating facial expressions. A tear, a thoughtful glance, a huge joyful smile, all of these reveal how the subject of the photo feels about what they are doing. From the time we are infants, we learn to recognize the faces of the people we’re around, utilizing it in a photo can be very powerful”


This was one of those moment that I worked, in so many angles, so many frames. I knew the emotions it was going to draw.

I was with 3 firefighters in the 911 Memorial Museum and Gift shop in NYC.

I wanted to show the attachment of these guys with the history there.

Yet I do not think I was prepare to see  that moment. It was  different that what I had imagined it would be ! I saw them trying hard to detach themselves from this moment. It made it even more beautiful to me.

They were connecting yes, but really connecting internally.

It was really one of the most beautiful moment and memory of being in the city with them.

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