I believe in magic, I believe in the impossible!

Always did believe that we can make magic, we can achieve the impossible if we work hard, cease the moment and stop believeing in just luck!

Someone shared with me not too long ago a quote:  “Luck is about been at the right place in the right time” Well I do not agree. I like what Bob Hope said about this quote, he said it very well:

“I’ve always been in the right place and time. Of course, I steered myself there.”  
I put myself in these situations, I put myself in the right place!
Well, today I am fired up.
If you know me, you know I thrive under pressure! I have steered myself in this direction and I am not about to give up 11 days from a deadline!
I believe in the impossible: 11 days to raise 6400 dollars to be able to tell a beautiful impossible story!
Maybe this is why I love this documentary so much!
A 50 years old firefighter was able to climb the stairs of the Empire State Building.
But the story is not really about him.
It is about all the firefighters at Station 1 in Durham, North Carolina.
Without them, their help, their support, it was an impossible task!
I love the impossible! Share this post, this link on your facebook page, on twitter, and help me to show people that impossible is possible!!!!!
I will leave you with these 2 photos:
The first is really what people will focus on and what they will see!
50 years old Touche Howard  from Durham Fire Station 1 was the first firefighter to climb the 86 flights of stairs of the Empire State Building.
He did did with full gear ( 50 pounds)  in less than 35 minutes!
This second photo is what people will  not see.
This is the focus of the documentary: One man alone can achieve things, but a team behind the man can make him achieve the impossible!
Look very carefully at who is carrying his air bottle, his hat, his equipment!
Please help me raise this money, by pledging. You can pledge as little as 1 dollars! Share it on your blog, on twitter, on facebook and let’s show everybody that if it was just me, I would not be able to do this. But with the help of all of you, I know I can!

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