Article in Firefighter nation/ Firerescue magazine

Happy to say that my story and 4 of my documentary photos will be feature on the online Firefigher nation/Fire rescue magazine in Mid-April with possible inclusion on the printed issue. Contract is signed!

Here is the link to the project again:

Someone however told me yesterday that “I need to look at the reality and I need to prepare myself for the fact that in 7 days the project will not be funded! ”

How dare you crush my dreams ? I am hanging by a thread, and I am beyond exausted! I will believe in this project  until April 5, 4h34pm comes around!

I wonder why people get to mean, so discouraging, and so selfish!

I was raised differently. My parents told me to believe into what I do always until the end. My mom always said: “If it does not work, you will crash, but you will get up even stronger and better! ” It is not failure, it is success, because you will learn from it.

Why do you think I am that strong already! Because I know how to get back up every time!

This documentary experience was beyond my expectations. I learned a lot professionally, physically and emotionally.

It was an experience of a lifetime!

I will leave you with a true fact. I am reading the biography of MichelAngelo and found out that:

It took 4 days for MichelAngelo friend, Giuliano Da Sangallo, to transport the mighty statue of David, a quarter mile from MichelAngelo’s workshop behind the cathedral to it’s pedestal in the Piazza della Signoria .
I really wonder how many time he thought of giving up? Lucky for us he did not!

I will leave you with some more photos of the documentary project:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.








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