Wrapping up…

With 4 days to go until we found out if we are funded or not through kickstarter, I realize that the odds are not in my favor: 4 days left, 6000 dollars still needed!

And yet I am full of gratefullness.

I am writing this post now as I know I will be incapable to do so in 4 days.

My article and photos will be published in 2 weeks in a magazine and I will have a photo exhibit in a Durham gallery. I am happy.

It is not the direction or outcome that I meant for this documentary to have, I thought it would be more of a long term documentary…but I will be grateful no matter what!

As I need  to wrap this project up, to protect  my own sanity, and especially to protect my aching heart, I will leave you with a final post and my final photos of my trip to NewYork in Times Square.

Times Square represented everything this project was for me : Majestic, Colorful, Grandiose, Magical, Challenging, Fun, Monumental, Emotional, Exciting, Meaningful, and the heart of America.

Thank you to everybody involve that made it possible. It meant the world to me.

Thank you for each person that pledge to back the project on kickstarter.

Thank you to the MMRF and especially to Alicia O’Neill and Terri Clevenger.

Thank you to my mentor Meg Daniels, who was a great support all along the way.

Thank you to the firefighters at FireStation 1 in Durham for the welcome and kindness you gave me.

Thank you to Captain Stephen Whitt, Bataillon Chief Scott Robert and Fire Technician Wayne Cheek for allowing me to follow you in New York City ,with my camera focus on you all the time!

And of course last but certainly not least, thank you to Touche Howard without whom, this project never would have happened.

You all impacted my life and career in some ways and I will forever be grateful.


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  1. There is a true sorrow and overwhelming bitter-sweet reflection in this post concerning the wealth of love you have poured into this project and the community which brought you “along for the ride.” I am happy to see that it will not end with the Kickstarter attempt. I am happy to see the faces you brought to everyone. You are an incredible artist and human being.

    So, wrap it up! Tie it with a bow and set it as a present for the future. We are the lucky ones who had the opportunity to unwrap the world through your eyes within the blog and the projects yet to be.

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