Thank you

I want to take the time to thank everybody that help in pledging or sharing the link of kickstarter with this project. I have 21 hours left and as much I am an optimist person…well I know that the time as come to say thank you and to say goodbye to the project.I have learned incredibly much from this experience. I love my job, that I am even more certain of. The adrenaline flowing doing documentary and journalistic work is totally my thing.With this project, I have learned a lot about myself professionally and personally.

I have also learned that my heart can get broken in thousand pieces. That I was not ready for!
My life has changed because of this particular project in so many different ways.

I am trying to move on and looking at other projects.

At this point, I am looking at going to chase the Wildfires…and going to document them.
I think it will keep my mind occupied.

Again thank you very much to everybody. Especially Scott Roberts, Wayne Cheek, Stephen Whitt, and Touche Howard.

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