Wheat Field in Brittany, France

I love to drive through the country when I am back in France.

In France, the Brittany the country side is my absolute favorite. You get to stop time. I feel in a movie most of the time.

Me, my camera and the country!

I was driving and I saw this wheat field where I wanted to stop and enjoy the moment. I know that maybe by the next day the wheat would be put away and not in the field anymore. It was now or never. I chose now.

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J’adore conduire, specialemment lorsque je suis en France.

En France, la Bretagne est un de mes endroits preferes. J’ais l’impresion que l’on peut arreter le temps. J’ais l’impression d’etre dans un film la plupart du temps.

On conduisait et j’ais vu ce champs de ble…il a fallu que l’on s’arrete. Je ne savais pas si le ble allais etre ramasser le lendemain. C’etais maintenant ou jamais. J’ais choisi maintenant!


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