Toms One day without shoes walk downtown Durham, NC

April 10th, yesterday was Toms one day  without shoe. The YMCA had couple of walks in the triangle for the community to get involve!

We went to the 5h30pm walk. We all met at the Durham Farmers market on Foster street. Teenagers from the YMCA leaders’s club were there to register people. Mike Spears and Joe Featherstone from the YMCA were there to hand out One day tee-shirt, to explain the reason behind One day without shoes  and to lead the walk.

A combined over 240 participants showed up at each walk and so many people were informed about the less fortunate.

Participants walked barefoot one mile between the Durham Farmers market and the Durham Bulls game!

When we arrive at the Durham Bulls, we were invited inside to walk the outfield.

Thank you for all people that were involve in this great cause!

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Hier, etait la journee de Toms sans chaussure. Le YMCA avait quelques marche a pied pour que les gens soit au courant.

60 personnes sont venus et nous avons marcher sans chaussure jusqu’au parc de BaseBall.

Tres sympa !


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  1. What a great way to support a cause so many do not think about. Thank you for getting this awareness out there. …and to think you did the whole walk without shoes and shooting the whole event; brave!

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