When unexpected things come your way…

Jason my 15 years old was admitted to the E.R yesterday morning. Suddenly we were doing ultrasound, talking to surgeon , talking about CAT scan. First time ever I do not have my camera with me. I was not thinking that way. I was just a mom.

I deal very well with last minute events like that, changes, but I was worry, really worry!

By 3h30 Jason was in surgery for a gangrenous appendicitis. 2 hours later he was out of surgery. He was move to a room at Duke on the 5th floor, and he is doing well.

When Jason woke up, Jason had his dad and his sisters to come and visit. Everybody was happy to see he was out of surgery.They brought food for me. I was so grateful as my last meal had been the night before at Rue Cler with my best friend.

I “sleep” in Jason’s hospital room and I have to say , vitals every 2 hours were killing us! By 2 am he was so much in pain that they had to gave him morphine.

We were suppose to leave for France on Sunday. We are sending the girls and John there as planned on Sunday. Jason and I will leave on thursday next week.

Last night after been in the assign room, Cecil and Iryna came to visit. They brought me red wine and chocolate which I am not actually allow to have, forbidden in hospital apparently …

I will be sleeping here tonight and will see all of Jason friends and family visiting him. Grandma Candy has already been here and one of Jason’s best friend Victor is on his way as I am writing.

If you want to come and visit us, we are at Duke Hospital, floor 5th, zone 5100, room 5114. If you want to talk to him,call our number in the room is 919-681-5114. I am Jason’s secretary for the next few days here!

I am actually officially tired. I feel like the past month has been crazy,  insane, and I can not handle anything coming my way anymore.

I don’t need much really ever, I rarely ask for anything, but I do need a major hug, more Malbec, and sea salt chocolate.

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  1. You have helped us to enter your personal life and feelings when you often share your points of view, through the lens. Your words resound and the pictures tug at heart strings. The fact that it’s your own son makes the point of this blog even more sharp, poignant and heart-felt. Thank you for sharing this trying time.

  2. So sorry to hear about the hospital. Hope everyone is better now. Wish I could bring you chocolate! Kerrie

  3. So sorry to hear about the hospital. Hope everyone is better now. Wish I could bring you chocolate!

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