Sunset on my front yard.

I should be home in France right now.

As I am home in Durham, North Carolina today, with silence around, I sat on my front porch and saw the sunset right there shining on my front yard.

I started thinking about my life….this is a big year for me as birthday go.

And I could of not ask for a better gift . Yes I am turning 40 and I look at it as a gift.

Like the sun shining on the front yard, I know exactly who I am.

I know what I am, what I am capable of, what family means to me, what love means to me, what works means to me, what I can conquer, what I can sacrifice, what I can do. I am in shape ready to conquer what comes my way. I am strong. I feel the more comes my way, the stronger I get!

I know who are my friends, and what kind of friend I am.

As I am getting ready to close a chapter of my life, like that sunshine I am happy, contempt and at peace with where I am today!

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