D-Day, June 6, 1944, USA and Normandy history!

On Monday, I will take a journey to do a documentary on the Normandy beaches, the American Cemetery.

I will leave on Monday, stop at the Foret de Broceliande, then go to the American Cemetery in Saint-James. On Tuesday I will continue my journey to the Mont-Saint-Michel and Saint Malo. On wednesday I will start at Omaha beache and then go to Utah Beach.

Do any of you have family that have been there? I know so many parents have kept diary…anywhere some of you would like for me to go? Any special little town that some of you would like me to post a photo of? Any stories of your parents you want to share?

If it is on my way or not too far I would be delighted to honor your family.  I will be without wi-fi from Monday until thursday however at my return I will post the photos!

Please send me your requests! This is a good way to honor our ancestors and family who fought for our freedom!



  1. My father was part of the invasion of Normandy (Omaha Beach) and told me how terrible it was. But then he said, “In order to oust the Nazis we had to totally destroy Saint-Lô.” If you go there, take some photos of this totally rebuilt city.

    • Myron, I have been there many times. Very new city! You know I have been so often to the American Cemetary , the beaches as field trip with school. Yet now, I know I will look at it differently since I am an American passport holder. My son is very interested and I have so many friends’s family that have been involve in the war will make it I am sure more impactful!

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