American Cemetary of Saint-James, Normandy, France. Cimetiere Americain de Saint-James, Normandie, France

Where do I start? This is a non-describing moment to have gone with my 3 children to the American Cemetary in Normandy.

I have gone so many times before as a field trip with school as I lived only 30 minutes from there. This time, it was the 4 of us: Jason, Lara, Chloe and I as American citizen going there.

It was beautiful to see that people still put flowers there…

Sobering for all of us! We were mostly grateful for the wonderful gift these American soldiers gave us by giving their lives for the freedom of France!

This post is dedicated to the families that have lost a member on this year of 1944, and especially on the 6 june, 1944.

Thank you!

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  1. Very patriotic on many levels. I like how you include so many views. I’m sure the cemetary is vast and somewhat overwhelming. Thank you for posting this.

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