French Countryside/ Paysage de Normandie

It is funny, I am getting so much more introverted, and yet it seems like I am a magnet for people coming to talk to me all the time!

I get extroverted with people who I really know, when I feel like I can be myself.

When in France,I saw so many little villages where I wanted to move to when I retire. So many places where I can hide with my computer and my camera, where nobody know who I am, or where to found me.

So many of these little villages, these roads were enchanting…

In one of these little villages, about 7km of the Normandy beaches, one can stay in a room at the “Hara de Tierceville”.

What a beautiful place it was! I will stay there next time I go.

I could have drove hours and hours with this scenery! I never get tired of it.

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  1. These are so tempting. I’ve been to Provence but not Normandy. I totally understand wanting to retire there.I hope it works for you!

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