Pegasus Bridge,Ouistreham, Normandy,

The first British troops to arrive in Normandy on D-Day were the men of D Company, and  to be more specific it was the 2nd Oxfordshire and the Buckinghamshire Light Infantry.

They landed in Benouville very late on the 5th of june and too over the bridge in the very early morning of June 6th. The troops were led by the Major John Howard. They captured the Caen Canal Bridge, and later they renamed it the Pegasus Bridge in honour of the cap badge of the 6th Airborne Division.The bridge was capture very quick after a 10 minutes fight. Major Howard had a lot more time that he expected before the the German counter attack about 2 hours later. Paratroopers had made their way to help reinforced Howard. They took control of Pegasus Bridge and the Bridge of Orne. 

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  1. 5.10.2012

    Pegasus Bridge – YouTube
    Françoise Gondrée fondatrice du Musée de Pegasus Bridge.

    Pegasus Bridge – YouTube
    Françoise Gondrée fondatrice du Musée de Pegasus Bridge.

    The Musée de Pegasus Bridge thanks you for your interest whose notoriety is due to the actors of the 6th of June 1944 who created it with Françoise Gondrée as special recognizion in 1969,with the High Patronage, a team of volunteers during many years and who are still in activity.
    If the donees had wanted to give their collections to the Comité du Débarquement, they would have done it. But they had their reason!
    They must rest in Peace and by respect for them, in the wait of the Penal proceedings in law against the Admiral Brac de la Perrière, President of that comity,

    One must report now publicly the scandal !

    Our Musée de Pegasus Bridge called’Memorial’ by the admiral Brac de la Perriere to mislead the public, whose registration is at the Museum at Ranville (14) It is the same Museum that the Admiral Brac de la Perriere has stolen from us with all the items, occupies with the complycity of the local institutions since 10 years !

    One must report now publicly t the scandal !

    If our Musée de Pegasus Bridge has all his legitimity and certificates,the Admiral Brac de la Perriere can only use dirty tricks, impostures (independent,berridge)…others.. and makes a cheap fair for anything of our Museum .
    Our battle for over 10 years goes although ahead.The Museum of Pegasus Bridge will not give up to the denials of the Justice of Caen, outrage to the victims to please the merchants of militaro-politico-touristico complexes without any History nor memory.

    Democracy must be respected and our Musée de Pegasus Bridge given back.

    Elected, each one, organizations aware of this, who would not dare to report this, would confirm their collusion with the consequences that would follow.
    Join the list of supporters by :
    -link to your website
    -signing the petition
    -publishing this information everywhere

    Many thanks in advance

    Françoise Gondrée, founder, Presidente
    Pierre de Roquefeuil, Vice President

    Thanks to those who would like to correct our english

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