Pre-Teen and teen Photography workshop “One…Two and Click” Saturday October 27

Your teen has a digital DSLR camera and do not know how to use it?

You want them to stir away from the automatic green button?

If you answered yes to either of those questions then this workshop is for you!

I am limiting the space to 5 teen students to have the maximum amount of undivided attention. We need a minimum of 3 student to have the workshop.

In this 3 hour workshop your teen will:
1- Learn how to understand better their digital camera settings
2-Shoot for one hour with the opportunity to ask me questions at anytime
3- Talk about importing and storage

Email me at: if you have any questions, or if you want to buy this workshop as a Xmas present or as a Valentine day present.

Sign up as space is limited to 5 teen students per workshop!

The cost of the workshop is 150 dollars. It takes place Saturday October 27th from 9 until noon!
And stay tune for the travel workshops, and theme workshops!!

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