Loving Life

You know when you love life so much that nothing can bother you?

I feel like that!
I heard a song on my vacation in Martinique and I wrote it down on piece of paper to be able to found it later. When I heard it it was empowering!! I keep listening to it and It described for most of the lyrics how I feel. Here it is:

“I want to forget that time exists
For just one shining moment
Take a rest after the race
And go where my heart tells me. ”

It is true, and most of time I do go where my heart tells me!

“I want to reconnect with my roots
Find my path, my place in life
And keep my treasured memories
Hidden in the warmth of my secret garden.”

I think turning 40 has done that to me. After so many different travel in the world, I still long for going home to my roots.
I feel like I have found my path in the photography world, I definetly have found my place in life.
My treasured memories is a incredible gift, nobody can ever take them away. They stay hidden in my secret garden.

“I want to swim the ocean wide
Spread like an eagle and take flight
Think about everything I’ve seen
Or even head towards the unknown. ”

I love to swim in the ocean, it reminds me how little I am and how wide is the world.
I love to think about everything I have seen, it makes me wiser, makes me open minded.
Gosh do I love heading toward the unknown, probably one of my favorite thing!

“I want to capture the moon
Maybe even save the world”

I think this is one of the biggest flaw of my character and yet such a strenght. I feel like I can do anything, nothing is too big, or scary. And I do want my photography to help save the world, or at least have a positive effect on the world. I wish I could save the world. I also feel like this gift help me to take photos in a different way.

“I want to pick out a boat
Not the nicest or the biggest
I would fill it with the sights
and smells of all my journeys.”

I never was into materialistic things. I am rich but another kind, the most important kind in my eye.
I believe I am rich, yes I am rich of the photos and smell of my journeys in the world. And that nobody can really buy!

“I want to stop and take a seat
and find within my memory
The voices of those who taught me
To never give up on my dreams.”

These people are so important in ones life. I was taught to dream big always! I think of my parents, Pepe and Meme, Olivier, Stephanie. Those people have inspired my life in so many ways in my childhood and they pushed me to dream even bigger!

“I want to find within my heart
The colours that represent my art
From this decor filled with pure lines
Where I see you, which calms my soul.”

My art, the subject that represent my art, is really what I have in my heart.
I look at life like a decor with pure lines where I see so much possibilities, so much can be done to mkae it a better place to live, and I believe my art in photography can do that. This photos to me make me think about all the possibilities to help….

“I want to run away with you
I want to dream with you
Always seeking the unattainable,
Always hoping for the impossible.”

I am always seeking the unattainable, because I believe there is no such things as unattainable…
I am always hoping for the impossible, I will never stop hoping for the impossible. I thrive on challenging the impossible!


1 Comment

  1. You are so present to what is important in your life; nothing but wonderful things will come your way! I love and appreciate having you in my life!

    Karen Biard

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