Slave Memorial du Diamant, Anse Cafart, Martinique

The 8 of April in 1830, around noon a boat performs very risky maneuvers off the Diamond,they anchored at 5pm in the vicinity of Anse Caffard it was very dangerous, too dangerous.
A resident, François Dizac, owner of the Diamond Beach, realizes the danger. But the heavy swell will prevent him from launching his boat to prevent the captain of imminent danger, the swell was way too strong to put a boat into the sea. Signals were sent, but apparently the captain did not see them, or did not want to see them.
At 23 hours, screaming and tearing were heard in the silence of the night.
Francis Dizac took with him a group of slaves from the house and immediately went to the scene to discover a vision of horror: the boat had broken up on the rocks, caught in the fury of a raging sea.
The boat was completely destroyed. The next day, 46 bodies were recovered.
The bodies of slave sailors were buried in the cemetery of African Diamond and drowned, at some distance from the shore.

Laurent Valere artist of Martinique made this monument as a tribute to the fallen of the slave trade.

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