Raining bombs on Gaza strip. Please do not post anything on social media regarding rockets and grads.

So many people want to help and yet feel like they can not do anything.

Here is what you can do though:


דובר צה״ל ביקשו שלא נפרסם בפייסבוק איפה נפלו טילים וגראדים ואיפה הייתה אזעקה, החמאס רואים את כל הפרסומים שלנו בפייסבוק ומבינים לאן כדי לשגר טילים. כולם לשתף ולהפיץ את ההודעה!!!

IDF spokesman has requested that no one posts anything on Facebook regarding where rockets and grads are falling and where sirens are being heard. Hamas intelligence can see all these posts and it can inadvertently help them with where to aim their rockets!!!

Everyone please take note and share.

Thank you

Read more at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-20336811


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