Controversy over the photo published by NY Post, taken by Ubbasi of Ki-Suck Han

I am having this discussion with other US photographers but would be interested in all opinion. As my blog followers and blog readers you are a good mix of foreign and Americans and I would like for you to take the time to answer this question: The photograph taken by staff photographer Ubbasi of the NY Post of Ki-Suck Han about to be hit by a subway train that was featured on the front page of newspaper, should the photojournalist helped or was he right to photograph?
My opinion:
I think everybody will focus on the photographer versus the rest of the people who did not do anything. At at least he tried something. He will be a very easy target to blame when in truth, he did what he does best: he recorded the fact that so many people on the platform ignore the scene. Did he convey the message? Isn’t his job with one photo to maybe be able to change the world, or to bring awareness to the problem?
I am sure I am going to get some heat here…but I am interested to see and hear your opinion..: So let me ask a question to all: What is the difference between what the photographer did here and the one in the middle east following the killings there. The photographer know he is there to photograph the killing, yet he will not try to stop it. Why isn’t that the same to people in the US? Is it because you rarely get to see the photos as a citizen, unless you subscribe to a photojournalist magazine or read military magazine. Why do most foreign people go get their news to BBC or foreign magazine? Isn’t it because we get to see it as it is in foreign countries? I was shock to hear “why would the paper run the photos?” Isn’t that the job of the newspaper in the first place? I think actually this is a very cultural discussion. The bomb in the “allee des Roses” years ago in Paris had some shocking photos of a photojournalist shooting there…nobody asked why didn’t he help…I am sure he would of saved many lives…Just interesting to see everybody point of view on the matter.

Here is the photo I am referring to :

I look forward to hear from you!


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