Aerial photography for the first time

The opportunity for aerial photography is rare , and over the holidays I had that opportunity and the privilege to go on a plane ride with a friend that has a plane.

I had a blast trying out aerial photography!

We left out of Sanford , North Carolina.

We flew first over the nuclear power plant south of Raleigh, then we flew over Rockymount, Tarrboro, the Roanoke river national wildlife refuge, Plymouth, Albemare Sound, Kills Devils Hill and we then turn South to go by Naggs head, the Pea island national refuge, Rodenthe, Cap Hatteras national seashore, City of Avon, and the Hatteras lighthouse which include the town of Buxton.

We were going to stop to have a picnic on the beach but the weather changed and turned on us very fast so we headed home. We flew back over the Palmico sound, the Swanquarter National wildlife refuge, Belhaven, Washington, then we flew north of Greenville, wilson and back to Sanford.

The weather was absolutely magical and shooting from the plane was very exciting!




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