My photos at a book reading at the Fearrington Village

One of my friend Marianna Fiorentino posted this on her Facebook status this morning:
“This event is happening today: this is a multi media cultural immersion event. Imagine listening Gigi Dover sing songs of the WW2 era, while hearing parts of the WW2 story, Cologne, read by its author Sarah Pleydell with a backdrop of stunning photographs of Normandy by photographer extraordinaire Katia Singletary. Please join me for this unique experience today at 11 at McIntyre’s Book Shop in Fearrington Village. Thank you Cindy Campbell, PR, for this wonderful event”

My photos of the Normandy Landscape will be feature there. Join us at 11am if you are in the vicinity!

From the Fearrington Website:

Saturday, January 19 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

McIntyre’s Author Event: Sarah Pleydell
It is England, 1960. The mercurial and debonair Jack Whitaker and his intellectual wife Helen welcome a young German woman, Renate, into their off-balance household as an au pair to their two precocious daughters. The girls can’t wait to sink their teeth into this horn-rimmed, earnest foreigner. Neither, it seems, can their father. Cologne hangs on the cusp between post-war and swinging London as it documents the collision between war-torn history and the innocence of childhood. A graduate of Oxford and London Universities, Sarah Pleydell is an award-winning writer, performer and playwright who teaches English and writing in the Honors Program at the University of Maryland. For the past twenty years, she has been a master teaching artist and arts integration specialist, working with institutions that include The Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts, The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the Luce Institute. In 2000, she won the American Association for Theatre Educators’ award for best book of the year.


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