Flowers and strong character

I had a pleasant visit today. That visit came with a bouquet of flowers. I was very grateful. Thank you Jennifer!

It really touched me.

As I looked at this bouquet of wild flowers, it reminded me of my strong character and I began to think .

I think it is a vicious circle in a way when you have a mind and spirit that shows so much energy, self discipline, willpower, determination, and of course nerve. People love being around you because you are strong, and show so much drive. People love to be around people that know what they want, and go after it. However you always have to be that…If you ever want to break down or had a bad day, or feel sad, you don’t have that opportunity. People won’t forget it, won’t forgive you. You don’t get that chance.

So what do you do when that happened?  You get even tougher, even stronger and you tell yourself, that can’t happened again. People don’t give you a chance to break down…a real vicious circle.

I am competent in what I do, I inspire people, I set goals for the future,, I am fair, I am courageous, I have strong values, I have imagination, I am organized.

Is it so hard to believe that I would like sometimes for people to understand that I can fail at something? That I want to a chance to be able to fail, to be able to cry , to be able to not be that strong person, just for a while?

So instead I went on a 2 hours run, and since I have still so much energy I will make my way to the pool to go for a swim, then after that ,I will do my homework and go on as the strong woman that I am.

Here are photos of those pretty flowers




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