My son, my pride, my first born…

He was born on July 1st in 1997. He was by far the cutest baby I ever saw. 10 lbs 1 oz and I was barely couple of hours in labor, and  he was 3 days early.

He has over the years, grown to a man who I am so proud of.

Tonight, he gave me the best gift I could of been getting for mother’s day. I felt like I was in an American dream.

He is a sophomore in high school, and attended prom tonight with his girlfriend, Millie, a junior.

From the tradition to get the corsage, to taking the photos at the Duke Gardens…

His date was like a  beautiful American princess, and as distinguished and elegant than him.

They  showed me the tradition of this country for prom.

I loved it and of course enjoyed taking photos of them!


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