Documentary: Going through separation after 16 years…

I have been working on this documentary for couple of months now. How was I going to do this, how will I execute it? How can it be successful?

It has been a difficult project to work on it, and it is difficult to share it.

However it has help me to grieve , it is a loss of such a big chapter, a loss of a big part of my life.

This is very difficult to share as I do not want people to think this is use as a display of my life.

This is my art, and a project I did for many reasons. The most important is that this is for me and it has been very therapeutic, and it is a good way for me to wrap this up and turn the page.

This is the first part of the documentary. The second will the house that it will be after I re-arrange, and move things around.



  1. WOW Katia!!! I’m impressed what you did. I have been in your shoes and I understand that. I wish the best in your new life. Come to Atlanta more often and dance tango with me.


  2. This is a very poignant, raw, detailed, and emotional portrayal of a metaphorical vice condensing 16 years into tiny packages that can fill a once happy home. While painful, I know the change will be fruitful for you. May the friendships grow, love smooth over all aching sores, patience overwhelm you with peace, and clarity find you in your moments of distress. You have a gift of being very open about your personal life, which, in turn, touches so many others. God bless you: everyone in these pictures. Thank you for pouring your own heart out for a deeper understanding of mankind.

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