I used to paint on canvas, until pretty much when Jason was born.

I painted a little after that, but the fumes of oil painting were pretty intense for having a child in the house, and of course then, I ran out of time.

I painted my walls after that …and picked up a brush here and there, for presents to couple of my friends.

Well, after seeing the movie Renoir this week, I got re-inspired to at least dust the easel.

I have a bit more time and space now, so I decided to see if I could found a place for it and to see if I still even know how to paint.

I dusted the easel, took all my paints out of bags, and actually did wondered if the paint was still good after so many years…

It was very intimidating to see that white canvas on the easel…and then it all came back. The first stoke is always the hard one…

Everything inside me got poured into that not so white canvas anymore.

Painting used to soothe me, to calm me…It still does. It is a good and therapeutic feeling!



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  1. Totally agree with you!
    I used to paint when i was a child……and it was peacefull!

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