La Roque Gageac, classe plus beau village de France.

The village of La Roque Gageac is classified one of the most beautiful villages of France.

What a beautiful place.

At the time of the Moyen Age, this village had about 1500 people. The castle is still so high. In 1957 a piece of the rock fell on the village.

The fort troglodytique is not accessible anymore as the danger of it falling is getting higher and higher.

It was a pleasure to take photos there. The village is really on the Dordogne river.

Credit of photos:

My son is becoming this incredible photographer .I am getting more and more comfortable with him taking photos of me, it is easy to be a front of the camera with him. He has been an incredible company and so much fun to be around. All photos of me , all photos where I appear since the beginning of the vacation need to be credited to him. He is becoming such a great young man!



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