Beautiful with tears…

Too many people have a tendency to ask their child to smile big for photos…I know this is normal for most people.

However I feel like by doing this we remove the emotions to be capture on the camera. People like me, that feed on raw emotions, have a hard time to found “reality” in these “cheesy smiles”.  These kids grow up to hide their emotions, and they become adults that will only smile for the camera….I think this is sad.

Here a photo I capture a couple of days ago at Pullen Park. A child or an adult is beautiful with smiles, tears, and fears, happiness, contentment , pleasure…how will we capture that if we teach people that we need them to smile every time we look at them?




  1. This is so true. We need to teach our children that there is a realm of different emotions inside of us and that all of them are natural and acceptable to express.
    Nice post!

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