School, kids, friends and life

Having a wonderful morning. Feeling great about myself, and feeling confident and pretty smart. Coffee on the porch, listening to Etta James, and ready for today.

I am meeting  the kids teachers today, tomorrow school start,  and Jason is working this week as a counselor at the tennis camp.

I am loaded with work and homework, and I love it.

Today I want to thank Stephanie, my French best friend that still has trouble understanding the American way of living, the culture.

She lived here with me and the 22 French people that came here 20 years ago.

However she had a hard time understanding the way of life, the undecided way of many people in this culture. She had a hard time understanding the incredible connections we would make here with people but then when it was time to get serious, and to follow through, wether it was with a trip plan somewhere with a girlfiriend or with friends going out for a party, or romantically with her boyfriend, well then nobody was there for her. She decided then that after 18 months, she would not be happy here in the States and she moved to Italy, then later moved back to France .

She is now married with Hugues, and have a very fun marriage, like most French people that I know.  They travel, and have 2 adorable kids and I get to see them when they come to visit here, and when I go there.

She has giving me the best advice, as I am trying to handle making new friends. How do I know I am not wasting my time? I don’t have much in the first place.

Well scare them she said….if they are not scared, then they are for real, and they will stick with you through sick and thin.

If they are scared and you never hear from them again, they were not worth your time in the first place. Time is precious, too precious to waste.

Got to love French people advice! It actually does works too…:-)

It is a very hard task to “get the friendship of a French person”, we are not very trusting,  but when we are willing to give it, we give it fully. So why would be invest time with others, cook for others that have no willingness to do the same. So eliminate them early on. Weed out by scaring them!

Iryna,  and Stephanie are the 2 constant best friends in my life and I am so grateful to have them. They are what life is about…real:-) But I need to make new girlfriends, single girlfriends.

I have found a way to make new friends.

Pamela I thank you for your time yesterday, as I realized I can count on you now. I can’t wait to do this again. Practice right?

Here is an article to my good  American friend that is ready to date this French man. Be ready for a big difference, don’t be scare by it, and by any stretch of the imagination go for it. Dating French people, is a very different things that dating Americans, but let me assure you. You actually have a shot at a real future:

This photo was taken in France this summer when they came to visit me in “Le Port du Crouesty”. Great memories!




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