Duke Gardens and Kids

It is a coquilles Saint-Jeaques and crème caramel with maple syrup butter kind of night. Cooked for the kids, and explore this new recipe book giving by my Best friend. Kids are coming home for the next 5 days. We have again, so many things plan.

I try to see clients, try to work on editing , try to do my homework, and schedule photoshoot when I don’t have the children if possible. It makes it that I am so busy when they are not around, but that way I can be having only quality time with them when they are with me.

This weekend will be filled with, fun playdates, a really cool puppet show,  a bike ride,  the reception for honors student, and golfing. We have a baby sitter coming for the girls one night (yes summer is over), back to school schedule, that way I can take Jason to the Milonga,

And of course we will be having diner with my best friends.

These photos were last Wednesday when we went to Duke Gardens for the afternoon.


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