The healthy Juicer bible

I am very fortunate…I have incredible friends, I am very grateful for them. I try to surround myself with people who have ambition, that take care of themselves, take care of their body, take care of their mind, people who have healthy lifestyle.

These people are an inspiration to me and also a good example and a great inspiration to my children.

Farnoosh Brock is one of these people. She has an incredible career now as a life coach, a blogger and an author.

I was doing a photoshoot and decided to combine Health, photography, and her book. Here in the photo is the book that Farnoosh just published this year, and she is on the way to publish another one!

I have tried most of the recipes on this book and I highly recommend it. It is wonderful, not only for beginner juicers, but to people who have done it many times.

I like to detox from life, mind, and food once in a while…I get rid of “friends” on Facebook or people in my life that have a negative impact on me or my kids, or both for the detox on life.

I go back to yoga for the detox on mind.

I juice for detox on food…I come out a week later in a healthier way!

Go check her blog at

July_2013_Juicing_0003 July_2013_Juicing_0002




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  1. Hi Katia The book cover looks yummy. Thank you for sharing. Miss seeing you.

    Linda Shahzad

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