Many questions this morning…Why? why? why?

Today I was going over updates on my website at :

I was going over the photos I have there, and it made me reflect on my photography, what I like to shoot, what my goals are, and why I am attracted to deep subject?

And then it made me wonder… why do I have so much desire ,to have made a difference, in someone’s life?

Why do I want to change the world so bad? It is a selfish thought?

Do I really believe that I , this very simple girl that I am, have the power to make a difference ?

Why do I think and believe so hard that words that I would say, something I would photograph, would give hope, faith, or even joy to another individual?

Why do I always believe the best in people? Why do I see them for what they can be,  where they can go, what they can achieve versus who they really are?

Why do I see the potential and want to help them reach that potential? Why I am always the cheerleader? Why do I feel the need to lift someones spirit? Why do I believe ? why do I want to believe even when I see them at their worst that they will change?

Why do my heart ache when people around me go through hard time, why this need to help all the time?

Why do I feel their pain when it is not mine? Why do I feel so much inside?

I know it is not for the gratification, or the recognition,  I don’t care for that, I never did.

Doesn’t that always lead to disappointment to be that way?  Lead to people taking advantage of you, lying to you  because you believe them. Doesn’t that lead to them taking you for granted, knowing you are always going to be there?

So the question this morning is really ” why I am like that?” “Why do I thrive on that?”

I know that, too often, I think that life should be fair, and I get upset when it is not…

Have I not learned after this journey of life that life never really is fair? Life is what you make it to be!

I know I am a dreamer, I want the world to be this perfect place. I am a very loyal person, but am I too loyal? And yet I am very grounded and accomplished.

I found the most simple answer, this morning…

Every night right before I fall asleep, I actually do ask myself ” What did I do today that made a difference in this world?”  and every night I want to be able to have an answer….It is simple as that!

This is me. What you see as always been what you get! I don’t want to change who I am…I actually like who I am, like the values I have ! Another reflective and growing week for me in my character.

I chose this photo of home, as I miss the ocean terribly this morning. I miss the smell of the water, the salt on my lips, the beauty of the sailboats, the sound of the boats, the tide…

The water, the ocean always brings back peace in my heart when it is in turmoil.




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