Documentary on Gun Laws

I tackle a very interesting documentary couple of month ago. I just finished editing it.

I wanted to tackle the warfare here in the US with the guns law right now.

I did a series on portrait with people who were for:  guns, against guns, for gun ownership but against the government taking the rights of owning one away. And I including people who worked with mentally ill patients, I also have one person that  owned guns as a heirloom, but is agains them.

Mental health is a very big problem in this issue and too often forgotten.

I conducted first an interview with these people and then decided how I was going to photograph them. Fascinating what can come out of an interview. Some of the ideas I had before the interview changed completely after the interview.

I have learned so much from each side. I also felt like I was somewhat very opinionated on the issue and was afraid it was going to get on the way. I had a friend take me to the shooting range for me to be able to have a clear mind on both side.


Here are some of the portraits that I have done.



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