Sunset photos, kids and a hopeless Romantic at heart

I took a walk with the kids at sunset time in France. Sunset comes so late in Europe. 10:45pm was the latest sunset we saw there.

I originally just wanted to take some photos of the sunset…and the kids.

But during one of our night walk, I saw this old couple. They actually sat on “my bench”. It has been my bench since I am a little girl. I go sit there very often while home. I write there, I watch the boats coming in and out of the port. But that night I did not mind that someone else was sitting there. I was a witness of their love.

I followed them for a while and stand right behind them. He was looking at her in such a beautiful way, and she the same. In the course of their walk they hold hands, he took her by the waist, he kissed her softly…they were so cute together.

Here are the photos



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