Reading aloud Le Petit Prince…

Last night went to a wine tasting and see a Jazz band with my friends. I came back home and watch the stars laying down on the trampoline in the backyard. It was peaceful, quiet.

I woke up early today as I had a lot of work to do. Homework, work, and a meeting with a potential client.

I worked from 7 am until 11 A.M, and decided i needed a break to enjoy the beautiful weather. I took my book, and headed for the trails at the NC museum of Art. I walked around, took photos, and meditated there…

I decided to sit on a bench and read aloud.

I wanted to do this not for anybody else but me.  Just to hear how  the words can resonate…

So without a care in the world, I took out my favorite book and read aloud, in the English version for the first time :

“Dessines moi un mouton s’il te plait”…And so for the next hour The Little Prince and I, spend some time together.

He helped me to remember that I can be responsable, I can have my head on my shoulder, I can be a great mother, I can work like crazy, but I need to enjoy life too, I need to “understand life. And for those of us that understand life, figures are a matter of difference”

As I started reading, people on bicycle, walking on the trails started to stop and listen. It was humbling. It was beautiful. I love these unplanned moments. Kids and parents  sitting at my feet were listening to my bad English accent reading , on this beautiful day.

Now I am not only ready to DJ the milonga tonight until 1am, but I am ready to dance, and I am re-energize!


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