Incredibly fun and busy week

Last week just flew by. Busy with friends, kids, work, brunch with a friend that is moving to NY, DJ’ing,  kids after school activities,  school projects, planning for my trip, talking to family in France.

Jason is having surgery tomorrow and I needed to have everything ready for my classes and homework for being totally free the all day for him at the hospital. I was told by the surgeon that I need to consider the possibility of staying over night apparently. He is getting a skin graft for an accident he had many years ago.

When we meet with the surgeon 2 weeks ago, I told Jason it was his choice. He looked at me, and the surgeon and said: When is the soonest we could do this? So we are going for it. It is a 2 hour under anesthesia procedure…hope it will go well.

I am taking him to Duke at 7 am in the morning …surgery at 9 am. I will have a overnight pack in case we stay.

He is excited about the surgery, and of course as a mom , I am nervous.






1 Comment

  1. Hi Katia,

    Will send up prayers for Jason’s surgery , all to be well.

    Miss you.
    Enjoy your blog, lie reading about all your travels!!

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