Awakening vacation in Santorini

I have been in Santorini in the Cyclades for 3 days now…how beautiful!

This has been an awakening vacation. Few days shy of my 41st birthday I can honestly say I have never felt more beautiful, more appreciated, and I certainly know now that I am incredible. I can honestly say I have no regret of how life turned out to be, I do not have an once of bitterness in me. I am now looking forward, looking toward the future.

I am an incredible well being, always helping others, looking to lift them up, and spending a lot of my energy being a life coach to them. I realize that in life you have 2 kind of people. The ones that will appreciate it, and give back to you the same way. And the other ones ,they will take more and more until you can’t give anymore, but will never make an effort to give back.

This has been the most beautiful vacation. I went to sail, went on the volcano, tango, and I realized I do not want to be taken for granted anymore.

I am coming back a different person.



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