Mother and child

I had the privilege and the honor to be at the birth of Maya over a year ago now.

My life has changed so much since then.

I am so busy. I am working, babysitting to make extra money, taking care of my house, working on schooling, keeping the GPA high, applying for a full scholarship for a Master, dancing tango.  I am doing all this when I do not have my kids. When I have then, I am just a mom. I don’t schedule anything that does not involve them.

I can not believe only one school year before Jason leaves for College.

But the one thing I will be grateful for, is that over the years I have nourished my friendships, I have made so much effort to keep them, and it has paid off. Today I can honestly say to you my friends: Thank you for being there at a difficult time of my life.

Here is a photo of my best friend taking today.

Here is a quote I go daily by:

“Why Do I Succeed?

I succeed because I am willing to do the things you are not. I will fight against the odds. I will sacrifice. I am not shackled by fear, insecurity, or doubt. I feel those emotions drink them in and then swallow them away to the blackness of hell. I am motivated by accomplishment, not pride. Pride consumes the weak-kills their heart from within. If I fall, I will get up. If I am beaten, I will return. I will never stop getting better. I will never give up, ever.

That is why I succeed.”




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