Holidays decoration, tree and gratefulness

The best part of today, was to see my son being so happy to do this for the family.

His heart was so happy to give…

He did the tree all by himself, and had fun. He had his music on speakers and was jamming putting the tree on the stand, after we went to buy it to our favorite place at Patterson Place. We laugh so hard this year choosing it and agreeing on one.

He then decided to put up lights on the house, he got the ladder and was singing putting these up.

And went the extra step and put lights on the outside trees. He said after I told him how grateful I was seeing he was having the best time : “Mom get use to it, this is the way it should be done”

Girls and I were in the kitchen with hot chocolate as they wrote their Xmas list for me to send to Grandparents. We really had a blast!

We also all choose together the photos for the Xmas cards. I can not ask a better way to start the season! Really.

I will focus on the right things, and will not let anything bring me down.

In the past 3 weeks my life has been more than challenging, more than chaotic:

I had to drop a class, had a meeting with the Dean and had to take the blame for failing the class, and did it gracefully, I missed my deadline for my Master that I have been working towards. Will not get in next year as my GPA will not be as high has it was.

My GPA has significantly dropped in the past 3 weeks, as I have been up at 6 every morning with kids during the week, and I am trying to work in between Accapella practice, basket ball practice, Duke hospital for Jason shoulder, Duke doctor appointments, clients until 9pm, my homework….

Tango, and my friends at this point are the one things that keeps me together to do the right thing all the time…not for me, and surely not for anybody else but only for my children.

Too many people to be thankful for, and I am sure I am forgetting some….but a special shout out to: Iryna and Cecil, Maman and Papa, Farnoosh, Olivier, Stephanie et Hugues, Peter, Meg, Lauren, Renee, Stephanie Delrieu, Alicia, The Whitlows, Katya, Pam, Karen Rebello, Nathan, Alicia and Eduardo, Marlene, Karen Jaffe, Jae and Gilbert, Beverly the talented pianist, Sasha the poet, Stacey Godfrey and her family, Daniel, Romney, Robbie, Loren and Julia, Sylvia and Joseph, Craig and Suzanne Young and of course the beautiful Millicent. You made it to my list of people to be grateful for in my life with : simple words of encouragements , your silences, your talent of listening, your kind emails, your messages, your texts, meeting with me to make new traditions, your invitations, your kindness to my kids.

Kids are playing and doing crafts,  Xmas music playing in the background.  Jason, that usually does not enjoy the Xmas music is loving it, he just looked at me then looked at the tree and said: “This is a lot more fun this year that I thought it would been. Maman I am content”.

Happy Holidays to all of you.


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